Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zero waste fashion project

I follow Love your clothes on Pinterest and as I was looking through my feed this morning I saw this post about their zero waste fashion project with the Salvation Army and a team of fashion designers. Here's what the project is about in their own words:

"To show what’s possible with discarded clothing, we teamed up with the Salvation Army and enlisted the help of two Scottish designers. Armed with up to 150 kilos each of donated clothing from the Salvation Army, our designers were asked to transform the items into couture-worthy collections and prove just what can be created with pre-loved clothing.

Glasgow-based print specialists Aimee Kent and Black Cherry Studio have now completed a 12-week residency with Zero Waste Scotland producing two dynamic collections from pre-loved, donated clothing. By repurposing and upcycling the unwanted garments, our designers have created collections that are completely unrecognisable from their original state."

To read more about this fantastic project click here

I'm so inspired by this idea and am starting to think about getting my sewing machine down and upcycling some of my tired pieces of clothing :)  Could you do the same? Here's a link to some fantastic ideas for upcycling clothes

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