Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scrap book

Since I can remember I've always loved scrap booking. I'd go through old magazines and cut out the things that inspired me and stick them in along side  memories, photos and souvenirs that I'd collected. It gives me great pleasure to arrange my cuttings in compositions that make them appear like mood boards (probably cos I like pretending to be a fashion designer). Whenever I'm running low on inspiration I flick through my scrap book and almost instantly I'm transported back to that time and place where I felt something, a rush of inspiration,excitement and a joy for life's beauty.

I went backpacking around Europe for a few weeks about a year ago and this page represents the thoughts and feelings I experienced on that trip. It seemed so beautiful to be wandering from place to place but also sad to be constantly leaving people behind. It made think of holiday romances and how bitter sweet they are. The girl in the picture reminded me of some of the beautiful girls in Amsterdam and Berlin, she seems like she could have written love letters to Elvis back in the day ...

This page is compiled of memories of Brighton, I lived there for 18 months. It was such a great place to live and be part of! You could wear whatever you felt like and step out on to the street and everybody would be far more outrageous than you. It felt truly liberating to be able to express myself like that.

Do you guys scrap book? If you do I'd love to see some of yours I think it's lovely to share the things that inspire us. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend xxxx

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